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ATV Plainfield IL

-Ingress Protection rating. Obviously, the components of an ATV Plainfield IL audio system must be very durable to withstand continual exposure to the elements. Components such as the head-unit, speakers, subwoofer, amp and even the wiring should carry a sufficiently-high Ingress Protection rating to resist punishing weather conditions.

They require protection against rain, ice, humidity, dust, dirt and water splashes. Select a speaker system that you’ll be able to wash off after spending a long day on the trails or working at an agricultural facility. If you are planning to use your ATV Plainfield IL in snow, confirm the audio equipment is adequately resistant to those conditions and capable of functioning in cold temperatures.

-UV protection. Each components of an ATV Plainfield IL sound system should have anti-UV ray coatings to provide critical protection against the damaging rays of sunlight. Too much UV ray exposure can cause plastic parts to become brittle. In addition, it can cause sensitive interior parts such as chips to malfunction, or lead to discoloration that make speakers look worn and faded. Therefore, be sure to choose components for your ATV’s stereo system that have protection against UV rays.

-Resistance to corrosion. The sound system on an ATV Plainfield IL must be able to resist the corrosive effects of wind, sun and water. Because of their ongoing exposure to the elements, sound systems for ATV’s are at risk of aging fasterm which means they need to be manufactured from materials that are corrosion-resistant. Rust, too, can be an issue. Ensure your brackets, screws and mounting clamps are rustproof.

Another item that is recommend for your outdoor excursions is a two-way radio. The reliable convenience of a weatherproofed communication device to remain in contact with your fellow ATV riders. Whether you’re riding trails or using your ATV as a work vehicle on a farm or construction site, a two-way radio system is essential for safety.

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Sound Systems with Quality LED Light Bars

If you’re an ATV rider who frequently enjoys ventures in rural settings after dark, consider installing a sound system that features LED bars on your vehicle. Likewise, this component is very useful for ATVs that used on farms or other operational facilities. LED bars are typically available separately or you could buy speakers with an audio tube that has a built-in light bar.

Some of the integrated ones have multiple-color lightshow along with strobe effects. The lights from the bars not only make your vehicle visible to others, but also light the dash area. It is safe and practical for those occasions when you’re out late on trails or a rural environment. You’ll be able to read maps, perform tasks and generally find your way around the vehicle’s dash comfortably without needing a flashlight.

GPS Systems

If you utilize your ATV Plainfield IL for fishing, hunting or simply for off-roading enjoyment, you may want to consider installation of a reliable, accurate GPS system. It is a practical way to successfully navigate in locations you’re not familiar with. GPS systems typically come with built-in maps and topographic displays that make navigation a breeze. They are marine-rated devices that can withstand the elements and still put you on the right path as you explore the trails.

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