Marine Audio & Electronics

The isolation from the world, the beautiful landscape, and the sound of the lapping
waves against the hull are great for clearing your mind.

Marine Audio

What's a lot better than hanging out on your own boat on a lovely summer day? How about enjoying your favorite tunes on a high-quality sound system.

Your boat can be transformed by our marine electronics into a concert on water. Our options are perfect for all kinds of watercraft from pleasure cruisers, fishing boats, ski boats, house boats, yachts, speedboats, and more. With our marine sound electronics and professional installation, you get all the quality of a cutting edge sound system that will perform all day.Anything you use your watercraft for, our top grade sound marine loudspeakers and gear are a perfect solution to turn your adventure to a much more enjoyable experience. So contact us today!

Marine Lighting

Here at Soundz Plus we offer a great choice of marine lighting for almost any use. Our LED lights provide low power consumption and built to last. Our LED lights are the perfect solution for your marine lighting needs.This ends in low battery drain since LEDs run on really low power. Not to mention they look amazing while cruising on the water. Why worry about heading back to the pier or marina at sundown? Keep the great times going with our broad selection of marine lighting solutions.

Professional Installation

We insulate and solder all of our wired connections for marine electronics installations to withstand the built-in corrosion of the marine environment. We route all wiring along hidden channels or pathways to create a clean and serviceable installation. We make every attempt to put loudspeakers in locations that are out of harm's way, both from water spray and from physical damage while onboard.

We support positioning of head units and controllers in locations that make for easy operation and to increase the visibility of the screens. Our highly experienced technicians are very knowledgeable and proficient in the rigors of marine-standard setup to guarantee an extended performance with reliability that you expect. We want you to take pleasure in the latest technology, but not be inconvenienced by it.

Our Premium Brands we offer

Factory certified & trained for the following brands.

The highest standard of installation & service

Our trained staff provides the best installation & service in the Warrenville, Illinois area.

Customer Service

Our customers are our number one priority. We do this through constant communication, honesty & taking pride in our work.

Local Facility

We are conveniently located in Warrenville, Illinois to answer any questions you may have before & after your purchase.

Professional Installation

Over 20yrs of professional installation on thousands of vehicles & continued training sets us apart from the competition.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our labor & offer the best products in the marketplace to ensure a long lasting aftermarket upgrade in your vehicle.