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Boat Stereo Systems Chicago

Not surprisingly, there are some differences between Boat Stereo Systems Chicago and those for cars. There are a number of premiere brands such as JL – available through Soundz Plus Naperville – that have specialized in Boat Stereo Systems Chicago for years. Without a doubt, JL is among the industry’s leaders when it comes to aftermarket sound system components. Because it’s such a specific market, marine audio set-ups require precise considerations.

Naturally, that’s why certain brands have seen more success and enjoyed more longevity than others. If you are currently in the market for a new Boat Stereo Systems Chicago or new components for an existing system, the exceptional products and installation services at Soundz Plus Naperville are your solution.

Our technicians can advise which components – from marine-grade encasements and heavy-duty wiring to waterproof speakers – would be right for your Boat Stereo Systems Chicago. On the other hand, if you’re not ready to install a sound system on your boat, you could always consider a Bluetooth-controlled, portable, waterproof speaker.

Just stop in for a consultation at Soundz Plus Naperville or call to inquire with one of our knowledgeable staff for information about what’s available and how to determine what’s the right fit for your boat audio system installation or for your next system upgrade.

Soundz Plus Naperville – Installation and Components for Boat Stereo Systems Chicago

In contrast to audio systems for cars, trucks or SUVs, Boat Stereo Systems Chicago must compete with a lot more environmental noises. To that end, the speakers and sound must be high quality and capable of producing better sounds so you’ll find it enjoyable. In some ways, poor-sounding audio content when you’re out on the water for the day can be even worse than none at all.

When you choose to invest in a high-quality, premium Boat Stereo Systems Chicago that is specifically made and installed for marine use, you will avoid that concern. Of course, you’ll still need to ensure that you select a quality boat stereo system. They’re not all made equally and there are many features and system varieties to consider. In addition, along with Kenwood or JL, for instance, there are fine brands on the market that you may be considering.

It’s to your advantage to make some comparisons and consult with our Boat Stereo Systems Chicago experts to see which will be the right fit for your watercraft. Here are a few of the main issues that will play a part in your decision:

Of course, the ideal solution is to work with an experienced, reputable installer of quality boat audio systems. Our staff understands the particular properties of marine audio components and can recommend and install an excellent system for you.

JL Audio has long been in the business of aftermarket and portable audio for many years. They’ve worked specifically with marine audio systems in an attempt to offer the very best in sound quality solutions. Without a doubt, JL puts a particular focus upon speakers and subwoofers that are made to overcome the lower-frequency noises that outboards and powerboats are known to exhibit. Speakers on their own cannot suppress the noise of an average watercraft, which is why JL remains dedicated to not just improving speakers but also to adding excellent subwoofers to their sound systems.

JL Audio carries a wide selection of audio components for boats and watercraft, including enclosed subwoofers and speakers,, conventional speaker systems and source units that can range from standard features to premium media software and leading-edge applications for dependable enjoyment. A lot of newer sound systems even come with built-in wireless or Bluetooth technology for connectivity out on the water with fewer wires and cables.

Audio components by JL Audio are manufactured with marine-grade, quality materials specifically with boat-owners in mind. They do not simply place a marine label on audio products that are actually for cars. When you choose JL products for installation on your boat, you’ll hear the difference from the first listen. Their premium audio systems are created to provide you with optimal sound regardless of the ambient noises of boating. JL creates each feature for the entertainment and convenience of the boating community.

Installation and Components for Boat Stereo Systems Chicago – Soundz Plus Naperville

Like anyone else who became a boat owner, you probably chose to do so not because it’s an unpleasant chore but because it’s supposed to be pleasurable. Even if you operate a watercraft for work reasons, you still ought to enjoy music and other audio content. If you are among the many Illinois residents that own and operate a boat, it’s an activity that brings you enjoyment.

Consequently, you should enjoy each aspect of the time you spend on the water, including the capability to listen to your favorite tunes. Why settle for a sound system that is subpar? Consider just how often you listen to the radio in your car, home or office. Of course, you’ll want a functional, high-quality radio for your boat, too. When you select a sound system for your boat at Soundz Plus Naperville, you can expect the very best in performance and quality.

Why Car Stereos Aren’t Compatible with Boats

There are some boater who choose to utilize car stereo equipment for their boats to obtain the sound they prefer when they are out on the water. It may seem to make sense since car stereos are easy to locate and most boats feature a 12 volt electrical system, similar to cars. However, audio gear for cars and trucks is designed for installation in an enclosed environment where it’s protected against rain, humidity, splashing and sunlight.

A standard lifespan expectancy for a car stereo system that is exposed to boating environment is approximately one year. Some systems may last a little longer than that, but others may not. The main problem is generally corrosion since the copper within the circuit boards can be vulnerable. Plus, even if the stereo components do not get wet, there is still the exposure to humidity.

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