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Boat Stereos Crystal Lake IL

There’s nothing quite like a high quality Boat Stereos Crystal Lake IL for enhancing the enjoyment of boating. Your favorite tunes and spending time on the water on a pleasant day go very well together. It’s a great way to recharge your batteries so you’re all set to return to work or school when Monday morning comes around.

When people are on boats they often have a tendency to move about, so they require more extensive sound coverage. That makes it essential to choose the right audio components for Boat Stereos Crystal Lake IL.

Not surprisingly, stereo systems on boats and watercraft have a tougher challenge than those in cars because they function in an open setting. Boat Stereos Crystal Lake IL are exposed to wind and sun and must contend with the ambient noises from the water as well as other boats. Fortunately, continual advancements in modern audio technologies make it possible for boat owners to enjoy amazing sound quality.

The fundamental components of Boat Stereos Crystal Lake IL generally consist of a head unit and speakers. (2 or 4 speakers.) Most receivers feature built-in amps, so putting a boat sound system together involves locating a place to mount the amp and connecting power to it. Also, it entails determining where to position the speakers and then wiring them to the amplifier. Even relatively basic boats and watercraft have some type of stereo. Owners frequently will choose to upgrade stereo components or install another set of speakers. While many of those basic stereo systems produce quality sound, they may lack sufficient depth without a subwoofer.

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The optimal setup when it comes to boats usually includes a separate amplifier. If the system has a subwoofer and tower speakers it should have at least two amplifiers. Quality head units feature volume controls for separate zones. Any boat sound system requires enough speakers to supply audio coverage for each area on the vessel. A combination of tower speakers with subwoofers and coaxial speakers will definitely deliver excellent sound.


Speakers are obviously a basic component of Boat Stereos Crystal Lake IL. However, boat owners may often overlook an essential aspect when it comes to their speakers: placement, Many marine speakers are a coaxial two or three-way model with a mid-range cone and built-in tweeter. They are commonly unidirectional, which means the speaker must aim at the listener for the best listening experience. Higher frequencies are the most directional while subwoofers, on account of their lower frequencies, are omnidirectional.


A lot of head units are all-in-one components that contain an amplifier, a radio and Bluetooth compatibility to enable wireless docking. Smaller boats usually can get by on modest power. When it comes to considering units, check out the RMS wattage. That is what the amplifier is able to produce for a sustained length of time. The higher number is always the peak power and refers to an amplifier’s ability to attain that level for a short time. Units with more power typically put out the purest sound even while at a high volume.

The RMS power of an amp should be at least 25 percent higher than the speakers’ wattage. Any lower and it will have to strain too hard, which could result in distortion and is simply tougher on the speaker. When an amp is much bigger than the speaker’s rating indicates, it’s not necessarily a problem. The amp, though, should include a limiter so it does not damage the speakers.