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Boat Stereos McCullom Lake IL

Whether you’re looking for a new sound system for your car, truck, SUV, ATV or watercraft, you’ll encounter a few terms that are specific to stereos and their components. On this post, we’ll list the definitions of a few commonly-used terms. If you’re ready to upgrade the audio possibilities on your vessel this season, talk to the Boat Stereos McCullom Lake IL experts at Soundz Plus. Our staff can recommend all the quality products you’ll need to make the listening experience on your boat truly enjoyable.

-Amplifier. Basically, an amplifier is a device that increases the power of the signal. A head unit (such as a CD player or a radio) in a vehicle has limited power. Typically, the head unit is not powerful enough to operate a larger speaker. After the addition of aftermarket sound system components, an amp is often needed to supply extra output to the subwoofers and speakers.

The amplifier serves as a source of power for the car or boat audio system. It modulates the power the vehicle’s battery generates to enable the speakers to achieve their potential. An amplifier’s “gain” refers to the ratio of input to output. Decibels are usually used to measure the gain. – Boat Stereos McCullom Lake IL

-Balance. This relates to the relative volume levels between 2 channels, typically the right and left channels. Also, balance may refer to the volume between rear and front channels of Boat Stereos McCullom Lake IL systems.

Boat Stereos McCullom Lake IL

-Crossover filter. These enable you to set the audio in your car or boat to your own preferences. Speakers are not all the same. Every type of speaker is made to play a specific frequency band. That is where a crossover filter comes in. It serves to filter out the frequencies that the speakers are not built to play. There are 2 kinds of crossovers: active and passive. An active crossover requires power in order to function. It’s usually more adjustable than the passive crossover. This results in a system that sounds good while also helping the speakers last longer.

Passive crossovers depend upon components that don’t need an exterior power circuit. They connect in between the speaker and the source unit. The rate of which the crossover works is measured in decibels per octave.

-Directionality. This term describes the angle at which speakers emit sound. A higher frequency is narrower than a lower frequency, which is why tweeters offer greater directionality than woofers.

-Dynamic range. Refers to the difference in between the loudest and softest sounds that an amplifier reproduces within a range of distortion. Measured in decibels, with the higher the number indicating better dynamic range.

-Speaker. A transducer that converts electric energy to sound (acoustical energy).

-Subwoofers. A subwoofer is a type of speaker utilized for powerful, lower frequency sounds. Also called the “bass.” The usual frequency range of a subwoofer is approximately 20–200 Hz for many consumer products.

The intention of the subwoofers is to augment the lower frequencies of speakers that are made to cover high frequency bands and that usually don’t handle low frequencies very well. The combo of speakers supplies better depth to the overall quality of the audio. Subwoofers are frequently large, with ten to fifteen inch units fairly common. For optimal performance subwoofers are often installed in a speaker enclosure.

Soundz Plus Naperville carries a large selection of components for Boat Stereos McCullom Lake IL. Whether you want an entirely new sound system or would like to upgrade specific components, we have the top-shelf products you need. Our technicians can install Boat Stereos McCullom Lake IL on your vessel regardless of its make or dimensions.