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In one configuration or another, car sound systems have been around for nearly as many years as the car itself. Without a doubt, many changes have taken place over the years. Modern Car Audio Downers Grove IL systems are generally optimized for space and cost. In some cases that used to mean a sacrifice in audio quality. Some cars ship already containing premium audio system packages. Still, even the audio components in those quality systems can be improved significantly with upgrades.

The topic of Car Audio Downers Grove IL may seem to be pretty complex at first.

It’s helpful to keep in mind that there are only three fundamental components that each system must include. The first is the head unit, which provides an electric signal. The amplifier, which boosts the signal, is the second component. The third component is the speakers that produce the sounds you hear. Each of those components are dependent upon one another. The way in which the components interact determines the general quality of a vehicle’s sound system.

In years past, the head unit provided signals from cassettes, eight-tracks or even a proprietary version of a record player. Head units now typically include features such as a CD player and other sources like satellite radio, USB ports, internet radio and even video functionalities. These head units are usually able to play Blu-ray and DVD discs and some have a built-in LCD screen. In a similar way that a conventional head unit supplies audio signals to the system’s speakers, a video head unit can often connect into an external display.

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