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For a lot of “car people” the sound system in their ride is just about as important as the motor itself. Yet when it comes to selecting between systems that are factory-installed or aftermarket, many might not be fully aware of the advantages of aftermarket options. They have become more and more popular over the years with our customers, and there are certainly good reasons for that.

One of the main advantages of choosing to install new aftermarket options is the ability to fully customize your sound system to your particular preferences. Factory-installed systems limit you to the options provided by the manufacturer. Aftermarket systems, however, are available in many configurations and size, which allows you to create a new system tailored to your needs. Contact us today or just stop in at our location to check out the latest audio options!

If you’re a big fan of bass tones, for instance, you can get a subwoofer that will produce more bass than the factory system. Or, if you want some more clarity in your audio, you can go with higher quality speakers or amps. With an aftermarket system, the possibilities are wide open!

Car Audio Elgin IL

Car Audio Elgin IL

Sound Quality

While factory-installed systems have improved over the years, aftermarket systems generally offer superior sound quality. The speakers and amps used as part of aftermarket systems are typically of higher quality in comparison to those in factory systems. Plus, aftermarket Car Audio Elgin IL systems are made to function seamlessly, to ensure that each component works together for the best possible listening experience.

Superior Features

Another advantage of installing aftermarket Car Audio Elgin IL is the inclusion of new advanced features that are sometimes not available for factory-installed systems. As an example, there are some aftermarket systems that include Bluetooth connectivity, which enables you to stream all your favorite music from your mobile device wirelessly. There are other systems that may include satellite radio, GPS navigation or even DVD players.

While some systems installed at the factory may include some of these popular features, often they’re only available in the form of higher-end models. On the other hand, aftermarket systems can be customized by our Car Audio Elgin IL techs to include all the features that you want at a more reasonable cost than going to a higher trim level or purchasing a new vehicle altogether.

Upgrades are Easier

Lastly, upgrading your vehicle’s sound system is usually a lot easier when you choose aftermarket options. For factory-installed systems, opting to replace a component might in some situations involve extensive modifications to the vehicle’s wiring and other systems. With aftermarket systems, in contrast, they are designed for easy upgrading or replacements – frequently with plug-and-play compatibilities.

Car Audio Elgin IL

In addition, if you prefer to upgrade your vehicle’s sound system over a period of time, you’ll do so at a pace that works for your with the advantages of aftermarket options. Simply begin with a basic sound system and then you can upgrade with individual new components that work with your budget.

Aftermarket Car Audio Elgin IL is often the better choice than factory audio because of the customizable options, remarkable sound quality, leading-edge features, and the ease of installing upgrades. Though there’s no question that factory-installed sound systems have made some significant gains in recent years, generally they tend to fall short with respect to sound quality as well as customization possibilities. If you’re an auto enthusiast looking for affordable ways to get the very best from your sound system, then aftermarket options are the solution! Call or stop by Soundz Plus today and talk with our Car Audio Elgin IL specialists about how we can help enhance your listening experience.