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In-car audio entertainment has certainly come a very long way since the introduction of the first line of commercially available car radios back in the 1930s. In the decades since, Car Audio Stores Naperville continues to evolve from conventional AM radio receivers with just one speaker to advanced electronic systems that reproduce music and other content from both recorded formats and over-the-airwaves signals.

Many contemporary sound systems available at Car Audio Stores Naperville play music from multiple sources: CD, radio, SD cards, Bluetooth, iPod and USB flash drives.

The Main Components of a Car Audio System

Head Unit
Quality audio systems for the home consist of various components including a CD player, radio tuner, preamplifier and amplifier that are all connected by cables. But because cars have so much less space, automakers must put as many of those components as possible into a single device: the head unit. Head units can perform many duties, but are mainly for control of the system’s overall volume and the different audio sources in the vehicle.

A car’s stereo system needs an amplifier to boost the strength of the audio signal. This ensures that the signal is powerful enough to move the speakers and produce sound. A 2-stage process, amplification is handled by the preamp and a power amp.

It’s the speakers that take an amplified signal and then convert it to a form of mechanical energy that causes the cones inside the speakers to move back and forth to make sound. (Sound is basically vibrations within the air. The speaker cones create the vibrations.) The human ear is able to hear these vibrations within a frequency range from very low bass up to very high notes.

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