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Whatever you’re looking to attain from your next Car Audio Wheaton IL – from installing a whole new system or changing one or two components – Soundz Plus has the products and services you’ll need. On this post, we’ll present some basic information about two essential components of any car audio system: the head unit and the pre-amplifier.

The head unit, also known as the receiver, basically serves as the control center of your vehicle’s audio system. It’s what you use to adjust volume and play the music and other audio content you enjoy. Depending upon the stereo you choose, you can also use the head unit for displaying maps and other information. The head unit that comes already installed in your vehicle might be sufficient at first but if your goal is to improve sound quality you’ll want to upgrade.

The pre-amplifier of a Car Audio Wheaton IL system is basically the component that makes adjustments relating to sound quality. For instance, you may be able to adjust settings such as equalization and general volume, which impacts how the audio will sound through the pre-amp.

Often, amplifiers will already be built in to the system, but they may not provide the same quality that you can get with a dedicated amp.

Car Audio Wheaton IL might include a different amount of pre-amplifier outputs.

Some stereos will only feature a single set of pre-amplifier outputs, which limits you to a system without a subwoofer. Some options have two sets of pre-amplifier outputs, which enables you to connect to a 4-channel amplifier or even use 2 amplifiers. If a stereo features 3 sets of pre-amplifier outputs it can support a subwoofer.

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