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Car Stereo Chicago

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Large technology innovators such as Google and Apple continue to explore ways to deliver their services and apps for consumers into cars. Consequently, this has led to the introduction to the marketplace of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. These systems essentially ways to display information from your smartphone on your Car Stereo Chicago, which means someone else is able to use your Android or CarPlay-enabled receiver (head unit) to gain access to their own audio content and preferences.

Some popular, useful apps that you can access through these convenient systems include music, podcasts, mapping and more. These apps are typically designed for use in vehicles, so there’s minimal risk of distraction and the ease of voice controls.

Car Stereo Chicago

To that end, it’s advisable to get a stereo receiver that’s enabled for both CarPlay and Android. Many aftermarket receivers that are enabled for one are enabled for both. Also, consider wireless CarPlay or Android Auto so there’s no need to use a cable to connect your smartphone to the receiver.

Bluetooth remains another good way to listen to audio content and manage phone calls with your smartphone. Bluetooth-enabled stereo receivers generally function similar to other Bluetooth devices. After connecting your smartphone to it initially, it will automatically connect whenever you enter your vehicle. Then, you’re able to stream audio direct from your phone. (And phone calls automatically route route to the stereo receiver so you can remain hands-free while talking.)

Many aftermarket Car Stereo Chicago receivers feature Bluetooth support, making it easy to find options you’ll like. Consult with the audio experts at Soundz Plus when you’re ready to upgrade the sound system in your car, truck, RV, pickup or SUV!