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Some Basic Info about Speakers

It’s the job of your system’s speakers to take an electrical signal and then convert it to mechanical energy. That energy is what moves the cone inside the speaker back and forth in order to create sounds.

With many Car Stereo Geneva IL systems, the speakers are made to be full range, which covers the whole range of frequencies. However, that can mean the response for bass as well as high frequencies is less than optimal. By utilizing a variety of speakers instead, you’ll enjoy a far more precise reproduction of sound.

Subwoofers and woofers are simply larger speakers that are made to reproduce specifically lower-frequency sounds (bass). Then there are midrange units that – as the term indicates – handle the mid-range of frequencies. Tweeters are the smaller of the specialty speakers. They reproduce the higher range frequencies (treble).

In some systems, there are two differently-sized speakers on a single frame in order to produce a two-way type of speaker. For instance, a coaxial speaker can be above a tweeter and on a shared axis with a smaller-size woofer. This results in a full-range speaker coming from two distinct drivers.

With more complex systems, the layout of speakers may consist of subwoofers that match with right and left middle-bass drivers as well as mid-range and tweeters. Some high-end sound systems feature one midrange or a tweeter in the middle of the dashboard.

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