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Equipment Spotlight: Tweeters

Tweeters can be an integral part of practically any vehicle or home sound system. Without a doubt, they can make a significant difference in sound quality. Tweeters are basically a relatively small version of a speaker. They produce the higher frequency ranges – also known as treble – that woofers or other speakers are not able to. Tweeters add detailed, sharp sounds to the overall audio spectrum.

Good reproduction is, of course, critical for enjoying your favorite music to its fullest. A Car Stereo Hinsdale IL that lacks tweeters may not be reproducing music with all of its fine details. They are an essential part of quality stereo imaging and optimal sound reproduction.

An electric amplifier is what powers the tweeters, which convert acoustic waveforms into sound. Many tweeters utilize a magnet which powers a dome consisting of materials that displace air to create audio. Tweeters require what’s known as a crossover, since tweeters don’t produce bass frequencies. Tweeters can distort if full-range audio is applied. A crossover is type of filter that serves to block out low frequency signals. Crossovers and tweeters connect directly to the output of the amplifier. They have to receive a full-range audio signal when utilized with a crossover in order to properly produce sound.

Tweeters are generally smaller in size because they emit smaller waveforms and contain a small cone inside. In most configurations, tweeters are most effective when that are directed towards the listener.

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