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Some Fundamental Information about Car Speakers

Speakers are one of the basic components of Car Stereo Installation Aurora IL. Speakers receive an electrical audio signal from the amplifier and then convert it to mechanical energy. It’s this critical function that moves the cones insides the speaker to create the sounds you enjoy.

The most basic car speakers are manufactured to be full range, which simply means they cover the whole range of frequencies. But by attempting to cover such a wide spectrum, the bass response can be lacking and the higher end frequencies sound dull. The solution is to use a variety of speakers that can reproduce a more limited range for better sound.

Subwoofers and woofers are larger speakers made to reproduce lower frequency sounds. The accurately-named midrange units are made to handle frequencies in the middle range. Some audio systems utilize a specialty mid-bass driver for the challenging frequencies that fall between lower bass and the middle range. Another Car Stereo Installation Aurora IL components are tweeters, which are the smallest of the specialty drivers. They reproduce the higher treble frequencies.

Car Stereo Installation Aurora IL by Soundz Plus

In more complex car audio systems, the layout of the speakers may involve of one or even more than one subwoofers that match up to right and left mid-bass drivers, mid-ranges and also tweeters. Many of today’s higher-end audio systems also feature one midrange or a tweeter in the middle of the dashboard as a central channel to reinforce the overall sound quality.

Speakers, without a doubt, have progressed remarkably over the years into the high-quality components available on the market today. Come see the large selection of leading stereo systems now available at Soundz Plus Naperville on Ferry Road – we’re a quick trip from Aurora!