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Amplifier Basics

An amplifier is basically the second primary component that each Car Stereo Installation Near Me Wheaton IL system requires. While the function of the head unit (the radio) is to provide the audio electrical signal, it’s the purpose of the amp to boost the power of the signal. Without the power of the amplifier, the signal would not be strong enough to physically influence the cone inside the speakers and make sound.

The most basic car sound systems will often have only a head unit and speakers. However, that does not mean there is no amplifier involved. These basic sound systems contain a relatively small amplifier within the head unit. Because space is naturally limited in most types of motor vehicles, it’s usually necessary to put the head unit and amplifier in one component.

While there are some factory sound systems that include separate amps, most do not. However, Car Installation Near Me Wheaton IL a new amplifier won’t in all cases provide a major boost in sound qualities. If the speakers in a car are designed specifically for use with OEM amp, that component will also call for an upgrade.

Car Stereo Installation Near Me Wheaton IL – Call 630-393-3333

It’s the speakers that make up the last piece of the fundamental audio system puzzle. Many vehicle audio systems contain a minimum of four speakers, although there are several different configurations. When the speakers receive an electrical signal from an amp, the signal’s electrical energy converts to that mechanical energy that makes the cone inside the speaker to move. That vibration is what displaces the air. Consequently, that is what makes the sound waves for the listener to enjoy.