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In-vehicle entertainment has certainly evolved a great deal since back when Motorola first introduced commercial car radios during the 1930s. Over the decades since that innovation, Car Stereo Naperville IL have developed from the standard AM receiver with one speaker to sophisticated electronic audio systems that reproduce music as well as other forms of entertainment from on-air signals or recorded formats. Many contemporary systems are able to play music from a wide array of sources: CDs, terrestrial radio and portable music players such as USB flash drives, iPods, SD cards and Bluetooth. Automakers continue to make improvements with respect to original equipment manufacturer systems.

Still, regardless of how advanced a Car Stereo Naperville IL may be, each system generally consists of just three primary components. The first one is the head unit. Its task is to generate an audio signal and control the whole system. The second component is the amplifier that boosts the signal’s strength so it is able to drive the next component, which is the speakers. The speakers are what reproduce sound for your enjoyment.

The Head Unit – Car Stereo Naperville IL

Quality home stereo systems typically utilize separate components: A radio tuner, a compact disc player, preamplifier and an amplifier. Cables connect these components. Because space is far more limited in motor vehicles, carmakers must fit many of those electronic components into a single device, which is the head unit. Due to that factor, the head unit can perform various duties. Its key functions, though, are to control the overall system’s volume and the audio sources in the vehicle.

In addition, the head unit may be utilized to control various media players such as an iPod or to manage the contents of a USB flash drive connected to the audio. Head units that have Bluetooth audio also are able to play audio that’s streams wirelessly from mobile devices.

Besides controlling the volume of the Car Stereo Naperville IL, head units commonly include standard tone controls like treble and bass. This enables the listener to tailor the audio to their own tastes. A lot of audio systems also include signal processing which can make automatic adjustments to the volume, depending upon the ambient noises in a moving car. Some higher-end OEM stereo systems have separate controls for a subwoofer.


A Car Stereo Naperville IL system requires an amplifier in order to increase the strength of the audio signal. The signal must be powerful enough so it can move the speakers and, consequently, create sound. A 2-stage process, amplification is handled by a preamplifier and an amplifier.

The preamp is typically contained within the head unit, taking data from a source like the radio or CD player. This process involves a slight boost of the audio signal to make it compatible to the input of the amplifier. It also ensures that the signal will be resistant to noises that can come from other electronic components in a car. The power amp then takes the low-level audio signal from the preamp and significantly strengthens it, enabling the creation of sound.


It’s the job of the speakers to take the amplified audio signal of the Car Stereo Naperville IL and then convert it to energy. This is what moves the cones inside the speakers to produce sounds. (Sounds are basically vibrations within the air.)

The design of most standard Car Stereo Naperville IL speakers are full range, which covers the whole range of frequencies. But in trying to effectively cover the whole spectrum, the bass response is typically minimal and the higher frequencies can be quite dull. Using a variety of speakers will result in a better audio reproduction.