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The role of the amplifier is to strengthen the electrical signal coming from the system’s head unit. It serves to drive the speakers connected by wire with enhanced volume, power and better clarity. Many vehicle audio in-dashboard stereo systems have only around 15 to 18 watts and start to distort significantly at their max output.

An external amp not only resolves this common issue but also improves the reproduction quality of the audio content you enjoy. For a powerful bass capability, subwoofers require sufficient power that’s typically not possible to achieve from a vehicle stereo on its own. This can pose a challenge when you want to use aftermarket speakers that require extra power for optimal performance when you upgrade your Car Stereo Plainfield IL.

An external amplifier provides superior audio quality because it produces less distortion and noise due to advanced electronics made for that specific purpose. Factory stereos usually use a basic design and lesser quality components that restrict what you’re able to hear.

Car Stereo Plainfield IL

An interior power supply from the battery negative and positive wiring is what generates a greater output voltage – and additional power – that’s otherwise possible with 12-volt power sources.

Most aftermarket vehicle audio power amplifiers possess the following:

-A direct current step-up switch power supply.
-Ground loop circuitry for optimal noise prevention.
-Speaker crossover and bridging circuitries.
-Other convenience features such as bass boost or speaker input stages.

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