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Marine Radio Cook County

At Soundz Plus Naperville, we’re well-known for our expertise in car stereos. However, we also have many Marine Radio Cook County products and installation services for boat owners, too. At our full-service shop, we carry a wide selection of durable, high-quality audio components specifically for watercraft. Our knowledgeable service techs can recommend which sound system components are the right fit for your boat and perform professional installation for you.

In addition to amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers and receivers, you can also find a range of Marine Radio Cook County products that will enable you to enjoy to satellite radio while you’re out on the water. Additionally, we stock all the gear and cables you’ll require to securely connect each component on your boat.

When you choose to outfit your boat at Soundz Plus, you’ll gain the peace of mind and excellent results from our many years in the mobile audio industry.

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The sunshine and water that make spending time on a boat so enjoyable can cause some significant problems on your vessel’s electronic components. When gear is not manufactured to withstand those elements, it probably won’t last very long – maybe not even for a single boating season. Naturally, that’s why it’s essential to select the right products for boat’s sound system. From the receiver and amp to the cables and wiring, everything must be ready for the on-the-water environment.

To assist you in your research, here’s a brief listing of some common terms relating to Marine Radio Cook County:

-Water-resistance. This typically refers to a product that is able to withstand light rain and some splashes but probably not full submersion. The levels of water-resistance can vary according to the manufacturer.

-UV-resistance. Made to withstand damage from sun exposure. Often displayed upon speaker cones or receiver faceplates.

-Waterproof. This means the product may withstand submersion, although the length of time and depth underwater may vary according to the manufacturer. Inquire with our Marine Radio Cook County technicians for more information about waterproof ratings and water resistance.

-Anti-corrosion. Designed for resistance against rust and the corrosion that results from exposure to salt water. Some examples of anti-corrosion features may include plated connections or a coated circuit board.

Fundamental Components of a Marine Audio System

-Speakers. When it comes to speakers for your Marine Radio Cook County system, consider plastic cones (like polypropylene) along with rubber surrounds for optimal protection against weather, mounting hardware that’s resistant to corrosion and power that’s sufficient to produce quality audio over the ambient sound of water, wind and engine noise. Consider where you plan to mount the speakers. For instance, if the speakers for your Marine Radio Cook County are close to your boat’s compass, you’ll want them to feature magnetic shielding.

-Receivers. Consider purchasing a Marine Radio Cook County with a water-resistant faceplate, a coated circuit board and line-level outputs for directing signals to an exterior amplifier along with satellite radio controls. For useful accessories, a weatherproof remote control and faceplate cover are ideal. Also, we can install receivers that can fit in gauge openings.

-Amplifiers. It’s important for your system to have enough power for a clean, clear sound quality because you’ll be listening to your audio content out on the water.

Aftermarket marine receivers typically feature a built-in four-way amp. But when you like that extra volume or want to block out engine and ambient noise, you may want to consider installing an external amplifier to your Marine Radio Cook County system. A quality amplifier specifically for watercraft will usually feature lots of power, coated circuit boards and non-corrosive connectors.

-Subwoofers. Bass is important on watercraft just as it is for land vehicles. That’s why is it’s beneficial to invest in powerful, sturdy marine subwoofers. Look for those that have rubber surrounds and plastic cones for optimal protection against water and wind. Enclosed subwoofers, for instance, are ideal for the mounting areas you’ll frequently encounter on boats. In the event you’re not planning to install external amplifiers, consider an enclosed, powered subwoofer.

-Cables and speaker wires. Marine-rated wiring is a critical aspect of any Marine Radio Cook County system. All wires ought to be tinned because bare, exposed copper may corrode rapidly in some boating environments.

-GPS. Granted, this isn’t an audio system component, however, most boaters are reliant on the advantages of GPS navigation technology. When it comes to which type of boat GPS unit is the best selection for your boat, take into account conveniences such as a bright color screen that remains easily visible in direct sun and rechargeable batteries. (Of course, weather and water resistance is important here too.)

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-Satellite radio. Without a doubt, satellite radio can be a welcome feature to another marine sound system. A key reason is that it can be possible to receive a satellite radio signal many miles offshore. Many Marine Radio Cook County systems are satellite radio-compatible. Basically, that means you may install an external tuner, mount it in a concealed location and run the connection cable to the radio. Likewise, a plug-and-play satellite radio tuner may transfer from land vehicle to boat. Our staff can recommend a marine kit specifically for a plug-and-play tuner, which includes a satellite radio antenna.

-Power inverter. Particularly for smaller boats, a power inverter is a very useful device to have on board. It allows you to charge your smartphone battery, laptop computer or power small electronics. Choose a power inverter that features a ground fault circuit interrupter for protection against risk of shocks.

Installing Audio Components on Boats

Unlike many trucks and cars, there isn’t necessarily a single ideal location to install sound system components on every boat. Various models have a range of space and power limitations, which presents unique installation challenges for each. What might sound great for one type of boat may not sound quite as good on another boat. And what’s ideal for a sailboat may not work as well for a motorboat.

If you are planning to replace the existing speakers and radio on your boat, you can probably utilize the same locations for mounting and wiring. Or, the solution may call for cutting through paneling or running new connecting wires to the components.

Subwoofers and amplifiers can fit within a compartment beneath the seats, the bow or perhaps the wakeboard tower. Midbass and midrange speakers in addition to tweeters can go into the boat’s dash or side panels. However, these aspects typically depend upon your boat, its particular dimensions and your own personal tastes and listening preferences.

It can be a challenge to ground electrical components on watercraft, although some boats do have dedicated, specific grounding plates.

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Explore the many possibilities – talk to our experienced audio experts about a sound system for your boat! Regardless of how you use and enjoy your watercraft, the selection of speakers, components and accessories at Soundz Plus can upgrade your boating experience.