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The Fundamentals of Car Stereo Systems – Mobile Electronics Chicago

Audio capabilities in vehicles have been in existence for nearly as long as automobiles. Without a doubt, there have been many changes and improvements over the years since motorists first discovered the enjoyment of music as they travel. Contemporary systems are usually optimized for space and cost, which in some cases means compromises are made with respect to sound quality. Although many vehicles ship to market with premium audio packages, even that equipment can be upgraded.

For those new to the topic, car audio systems can appear pretty complex at first. However, there are only three fundamental components each system must include. It starts with the head unit, which is what provides the audio signal. Next, an amplifier boosts the signal and the system’s speakers then produce the actual sound you hear. These main components are dependent upon each another. The way in which they interact determines the general sound quality a system delivers.

The Head Unit

The “brain” of a vehicle’s audio system is the component that’s usually known as the head unit. Many people tend to call the head unit the stereo or the radio, which are generally accurate but don’t paint the whole picture. Many head units do contain a radio tuner, but the broader function of the head unit is to supply some form of an audio signal.

In past years, head units supplied signals from sources such as cassette tapes or eight-tracks, for instance. Most of them now feature a CD player, satellite radio or internet radio sources.

Some Mobile Electronics Chicago head units provide video functionality, too. These units are capable of playing Blu-Ray or DVD discs. Plus, some have LCD screens that are built-in. Similar to how a conventional head unit sends sound signals to the speakers, a video head unit can frequently connect to an external display.

Mobile Electronics Chicago

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Amps are the second key component that your car’s audio system requires. Where the head unit provides a signal, it’s the amplifier that performs the critical job of increasing the strength of the signal. Without this important step, the audio signal would simply not be powerful enough to move the cones inside the speakers and make sound.

Basic car sound systems will have only head unit and 4 speakers. That does not mean that there’s no amplifier, though. These simple sounds systems contain a compact power amplifier in the head unit. Because space is so limited in most motor vehicles, it’s usually necessary for manufacturers to combine the head unit and amp into one component

Speakers – Mobile Electronics Chicago

The last piece of the fundamental Mobile Electronics Chicago sound system picture is the speakers. A lot of audio sounds systems have a 4 at least, although there are a variety of different configurations. After the speakers receive the sound signal from the amp, the signal’s electronic energy converts to mechanical energy, which is what makes the speaker cones move. That vibration of the cones move the air to create the audio waves you hear.

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