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If you’re a car owner, enjoying driving or simply want to save some money, a quality, professionally installed radar detector is the device for you. Radar detectors are an excellent investment along with a dash camera. Although each device serves a different purpose, they work together to effectively protect you and your car.

A radar detector’s purpose is, of course, to help protect you against receiving speeding tickets. The device detects law radar waves police employ to measure your vehicle’s rate of speed. A Radar Detector Illinois is able to alert the motorist both visually and audibly upon detecting the waves. This allows the motorist to slow down to the posted speed limit. The prevention of just one ticket typically pays for the cost of the detector!

Radar Detector Illinois

Generally there are a couple different types of radar detectors: window or dash-mounted radar detectors or those that are custom-installed. The more common type is the window or dash-mounted units that attach to the car’s dashboard or windshield, typically with small suction cups. The advantages to this type of Radar Detector Illinois includes how easy they are to remove from vehicle and use in another. They are basically compatible with most any type of vehicle.

The other category of radar detector, which are not as commonly used, are remote/custom installed devices. Whereas a standard radar detector typically contains all components inside a single unit (such as the control circuitries, antenna and speakers), a remote or custom detector contains these components integrated into the car. For instance, the antenna might be concealed in the rear and front bumpers and the display can fit into the car’s center console.

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