Radar Detector Winfield IL

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If you are searching for the best form of defense against the radar guns and laser technology that police department use to set speed traps, a custom-installed Radar Detector Winfield IL is your most effective option.

Basically, a radar detector is a compact device that usually includes a computer and a radio frequency receiver. The design of the receiver is to locate particular frequencies and alert the motorist to their presence. The object of the detection system is to identify radar signals directed at vehicles ahead and behind you in traffic and provide sufficient warning time that enables the driver to reduce their speed and avoid a speeding ticket.

When making comparisons among portable radar detection units and those that are custom-installed, one the main benefits with custom installation is it allows for a larger size receiver. As with antennas, greater size equates to enhanced sensitivity. The radar receiver that comes with a custom-installed unit is usually larger than an entire portable device.

Radar Detector Winfield IL

With respect to an AM/FM antenna, a half-wave version provides double the sensitivity of a quarter-wave version. The advantage to custom-installed detector system is that it can locate weaker signals and warn the driver so he or she can reduce speed promptly.

Some Radar Detector Winfield IL systems have a separate receiver and amp for the lower-frequency X-band and for the higher K and Ka bands. The configuration enables better sensitivity for each antenna within its operational range while needing less amplification.

Many detector systems able to integrate with your car include an additional detector at the rear of the vehicle. Many police departments use a dash-mounted radar system that functions as the police car is moving.

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