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Remote Start Chicago

Tackling a Few Misconceptions about Remote Starters

If you drive a vehicle with a stick shift, you might mistakenly think that installing a Remote Start Chicago isn’t an option because you can’t electronically shift gears during the start-up process. However, this isn’t the case.

Remote start devices for vehicles with manual transmission simply requires you to put the vehicle in neutral and enact the emergency brake prior to turning off the ignition. After doing so, the engine will continuing to run until you exit the vehicle and shut the door.

Remote Start Chicago

This simple process puts your vehicle in “reservation” setting so you’ll be able to start it up with your Remote Start Chicago later. (So long as you don’t, in the meantime, open one of the vehicle doors.) Each of these features help ensure that the remote starting process doesn’t put your vehicle at risk of rolling because a gear changed as the engine was off

Another misconception some motorists may have is that use of a remote starter can increase the risks of vehicle theft. While you obviously should not start your vehicle and leave it running with the key still in the ignition, starting it with a remote device does not create a that risk.

A remote car start device locks the doors if they were not locked already. Even if a potential car thief was able to gain entry, they wouldn’t be able to drive it away without putting the key into the ignition or with the fob close by for the push-button start up.

Lastly, some motorists tend to believe that proper installation of remote starters is a quick and easy DIY process. However, contemporary vehicles feature intricate electronic systems that inexperienced mechanics might not be ready to navigate. Faulty installation of a remote starter can risk costly damages, so it’s a much better idea to have yours installed by a Remote Start Chicago professional.