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The chilly temperatures and snowy conditions of another winter in Illinois are here. For many motorists of the Chicagoland area, that typically means cold mornings and a challenging drives to work or school. Fortunately, Remote Start Installation Chicago from Soundz Plus can make your daily commute a lot easier on yourself as well as your vehicle this season. Here’s a few of the benefits of remote start technology:

A more comfortable driving experience. No one enjoys climbing into a freezing car first thing in the morning after it’s been outside all night in winter temperatures. (Or, after a full day in a parking lot at work or school.) The convenience of a Remote Start Installation Chicago allows your vehicle’s interior to warm up and get comfortable before you drive.

A safe commute. In addition to the extra comfort, a warm vehicle can also help make your commute safer. The heat from the vehicle melts the frost on your windshield and windows quickly, which makes it much easier to scrape it away and improve your visibility. A warmer vehicle also melts any ice and snow that might be concealing your brake lights headlights, making you a lot more visible to other motorists.

Warmer engine. Without a doubt, freezing winter temperatures have an impact on your vehicle’s engine and engine oil. Running an engine when it’s cold is tougher on it than running it warm because the oil tends to be “thicker” when too cold. Consequently, it is harder for the oil to move through the engine components. Remote Start Installation Chicago gives your car some additional time to reach standard operating temperatures, warm the engine and decrease the oil’s viscosity so it flows efficiently.

Remote Start Installation Chicago

Although a remote start helps make your ride a lot more comfortable, there are a few guidelines to follow that will maximize the accessory’s performance. For example, too prevent unnecessary wastefulness it is essential to only allow your vehicle to idle for a brief time. When a vehicle idles for too long, it can increases air pollutants, waste fuel and even cause wear on the motor.

Engine oil type. Rather than heating the engine oil in your vehicle by idling, replace it with oil that efficiently withstands colder weather. Consult your owner’s manual to choose the appropriate viscosity oil for wintertime temperatures.

Vehicle make and model. Certain idling patterns may depend upon the make, model and age of your vehicle. Idling can cause wear and tear on older vehicle a lot more than newer ones. However, older vehicles might need to idle longer than newer vehicles. Again, check your car owner’s manual for more information about idling.

Remote Start Installation Chicago is also about your own preferences. It’s not only very convenient, but also a smart investment. In addition to enjoying reliable use from your remote starter all winter long, you can utilize it in the summer time months as well to cool off your vehicle.

Naturally, security is another significant benefit to Remote Start Installation Chicago. In the event that your sole option to warming or cooling down your car’s interior is to leave its keys in the ignition, you may understandably be hesitant to do so.

To that end, a remote starter provides an additional measure of security. After your engine starts up remotely, the doors stay locked until you arrive at your car and use you key to unlock them. This serves to eliminate the danger of theft that easily happen if you leave the keys in a running vehicle. There’s no need to choose between security and comfort —you can enjoy both.