Remote Start Wheaton IL

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A remote starter is a convenient device that enables you to start up your car from the comfort of home or the workplace. Typically attached to your key chain, the Remote Start Wheaton IL makes it easy to warm up your car’s interior so it’s comfortable by the time you get in.

Even though they’re widely in use, there’s still some misconceptions among consumers about remote starters. For example, if you drive a vehicle that is still under a valid manufacturer’s warranty, you obviously don’t want to do anything that risks voiding the warranty. Many motorists are under the misconception that manufacturers will void a warranty if anyone besides the dealer installs a remote starter.

Remote Start Wheaton IL

However, this is not true. According to an act passed by Congress back in 1974, it is illegal for auto manufacturers to void a warranty if you install an aftermarket component like a Remote Start Wheaton IL.

Another common myth that some motorists may have heard is that use of a remote start device can risk causing damage to a car’s engine. The truth, though, is that your vehicle’s engine will start in the same manner whether you use a key in the ignition, a push-button starter or a remote start device.

In fact, a Remote Start Wheaton IL can be beneficial since your vehicle will tend to run more efficiently if you allow the engine to heat up before driving, particularly in winter weather. In addition, remote starters can even help save money because when your car drives more efficiently it improves your fuel mileage so you’ll spend less on gas.

Why not enjoy the efficiency and convenience of remote start technology? Bring your car to Soundz Plus and our knowledgeable staff can recommend a device ideal for your needs.