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Are you going to be in the market soon for a new vehicle? Are you curious about the advantages of a remote starter system? A Remote Starting Elgin IL system can assist with much more than only starting your vehicle (which is definitely a big plus). The right new system can provide you with conveniences that make your daily routine easier in many ways. Read on to learn some useful information about Remote Starting Elgin IL, or just call Soundz Plus and talk with one of our technicians about installing a system in your ride! (And don’t forget to ask about a new car audio system too!)

Remote starters are made to start your vehicle before you get into it. Starters consist generally of two main components. There’s control module that’s installed within the car, and a remote transmitter with a button enabling you to start it from a distance. Many factory-made remote start systems have a range of approximately 30 feet. You will need to be within a general vicinity of the car to start it. The system should work without issues, however, when the car is in your driveway and you’re inside the house on a cold morning.

Remote Starting Elgin IL

Remote Starting Elgin IL

You can purchase and install an aftermarket starter system after you buy your vehicle. They present a number of impressive capabilities such as motion sensitivity, and some also have a wider range in comparison to factory models.

Starts Up Your Defroster
As a resident of Chicagoland, we understand what it’s like to get into a frigid car in January and then wait as it slowly warms up and the windows gradually defrost. And we also know that it’s no treat to get out in the freezing weather to scrape the windshield so you can see through. With a remote starter system, your windshield will be fully defrosted before you get to your vehicle, so you can be on your way without any delays.

Keeps Cars Nice and Cool

It can be quite unpleasant to make your way to your vehicle across a baking hot parking lot on a summer day in Chicagoland. With a Remote Starting Elgin IL system, you’ll only be feeling the heat until you reach your car. This can be especially advantageous if you have young children that may be sensitive when temperatures get too extreme. (Some may even complain about leaving the comforts of home because they don’t feel like coping with the summer heat.) A Remote Starting Elgin IL system can make your life a lot easier!

Finding Your Vehicle
It can be a challenge to locate your vehicle in a crowded parking lot, particularly during the holidays. A new remote starter system will help you find your vehicle right away. Also, it ensures that you’re comfortable when reach it and get it.

Remote Starting Elgin IL

Remote starters bring some additional security to your vehicle. It locks the doors and makes sure it can only be driven when the key is in the ignition. Some starters feature security systems that sound an alert if someone tries to get into your car. With the uncertainties we all face these days, it’s reassuring to know that no one will easily take off with your ride.

Mobile Device Capabilities
Many new remote starters make it easy to find and start your car with your smartphone from practically anywhere. Some also have extra security features. When you’re ready to upgrade your ride with a new Remote Starting Elgin IL system bring it to Soundz Plus! Our experienced technicians can help you choose a new starter system that’s an ideal fit for your vehicle.